Public International Law & Policy Group

A Global pro bono law firm

Dr. Williams co-founded the Public International Law & Policy Group, a nonprofit organization, in 1995 to provide free legal assistance to states and governments involved in peace negotiations, advise states on drafting post-conflict constitutions, and assist in prosecuting war criminals. In addition to a staff of full-time attorneys that implement PILPG’s programs, PILPG leverages volunteer assistance from international lawyers, diplomats, and foreign relations experts, as well as pro bono assistance from major international law firms. Annually, PILPG is able to provide over $20 million worth of pro bono international legal services. PILPG is based in Washington, D.C., with additional offices in New York and Amsterdam.  PILPG has also operated field offices in Georgia, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Nepal, Somaliland, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Uganda, and maintains contacts in nearly two dozen key cities around the globe.

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