Dr. Paul R. Williams holds the Rebecca I. Grazier Professorship in Law and International Relations at American University where he teaches in the School of International Service and at the Washington College of Law. Dr. Williams is also the co-founder of the Public International Law & Policy Group (PILPG), a pro bono law firm providing legal assistance to states and governments involved in peace negotiations, post-conflict constitution drafting, and the prosecution of war criminals.


Professional Experience

Apart from co-founding PILPG, Dr. Williams has worked with a number of pro bono clients that include many governments and territories around the world. 


Along with his work in the field, Dr. Williams is also a scholar in Law and International Relations and has many publications on various topics.

In the news

Major news outlets often seek Dr. Williams' expertise through interviews and article contributions. 


Dr. Williams is a professor of Law and International Relations at American University and mentors young professionals on career development.

speaking engagements

Dr. Williams has spoken at multiple occasions on issues related to international law, peace negotiations, and foreign affairs.


Keep up-to-date with Dr. William’s recent activities in the field of public international law.