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Dr. Williams co-founded the Public International Law & Policy Group, a nonprofit organization, in 1995 to provide free legal assistance to states and governments involved in peace negotiations, advise states on drafting post-conflict constitutions, and assist in prosecuting war criminals. In addition to a staff of full-time attorneys that implement PILPG’s programs, PILPG leverages volunteer assistance from international lawyers, diplomats, and foreign relations experts, as well as pro bono assistance from major international law firms. Annually, PILPG is able to provide over $20 million worth of pro bono international legal services. PILPG is based in Washington, D.C., with additional offices in New York and Amsterdam.  PILPG has also operated field offices in Georgia, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Nepal, Somaliland, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Uganda, and maintains contacts in nearly two dozen key cities around the globe.

Visit the PILPG website here:

The International Law Career Website

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As an expert in international law, Dr. Williams has extensive knowledge on starting a career in this field. As a professor at American University Washington College of Law, Dr. Williams receives many questions about how to pursue a career in international law. As way to easily and effectively help students, he and Dean Michael Scharf of Case Western Reserve University School of Law and fellow Co-Founder of PILPG, have created a new website for students interested in a career in international law.

The site aims to provide very practical guidance, to debunk myths about the field of international law, and to map the universe of international law and related jobs held by alumni.


Check out the website and launch your career in international law: 



Tea with PILPG

As a social entrepreneur, Dr. Williams has created a professional development podcast series titled 'Tea with PILPG.'  In this series of podcasts, Dr. Paul Williams shares his wisdom with young professionals on entrepreneurial leadership, NGO management, networking, and more. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Williams is a professional development expert. The Tea with PILPG podcasts were created as an easy way for young professionals to learn various skills they can use to increase their professionalism.

Check out episodes from the Podcast series below:

Launch Your Career in Public International Law

Students often ask: Are there any jobs in public international law? The answer is yes! PILPG Co-Founder Paul Williams discusses how young professionals can start crafting their dynamic careers.                 

The Outlook for a Syrian Ceasefire

In this episode, PILPG President Paul Williams discusses the challenges and opportunities for the Syrian ceasefire negotiations scheduled to begin in January. Dr. Williams has twenty years of experience negotiating peace agreements and post-conflict constitutions around the world, and PILPG has advised the Syrian opposition since 2011.                                                        

How to Enhance Your Professional Image through Social Media

Do you have a strategic plan for how to brand your professional image on social media? Do you attach your resume to every email you send? You should! In this podcast, President of PILPG, Paul Williams, provides tips on how to enhance your social media presence to build your professional image online.                                                                                                                                                                

How to Influence US Policy in 900 Words or Less

What does it take to influence US policy? A well-worded op-ed may do the trick. In this podcast, President of PILPG, Paul Williams, provides tips for young professionals on content, style and ways to get published. Listen here and start writing!     


Adding Three to Five Years to Your Professional Presence - Part 1

With a little practice, you can  develop a professional presence that is 3-5 years ahead of your peer group. Paul Williams, PILPG’s Founder and President, provides practical tips in Part 1 of this Tea with PILPG mini-series.                   

"Never Eat Lunch Alone"

In our latest podcast titled “Never Eat Lunch Alone”, President of PILPG, Paul Williams, discusses ways to combat the nerves and reluctance that come with networking and emphasizes the need to start building a network today. Listen to the podcast to find out why you should Never Eat Lunch Alone.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

The Case for Protected Zones in Syria with Jim Hooper

What is happening on the ground in Syria? PILPG Managing Director, Jim Hooper, discusses the current situation and the case for protected zones in this episode of Tea with PILPG.

Getting Downtown

Tea with PILPG continues the series of talks on excellence and professionalism over a cup of Irish Breakfast tea. In this episode, PILPG President Paul Williams offers advice on how to maximize the benefits of attending events downtown.                           

What's Your Wow?

Dynamic young professionals make themselves stand out by impressing others with their initiative and entrepreneurial spirit. PILPG Co-Founder Paul Williams discusses this “wow” principle—how you can excel and “wow” others at work.

Lawyering Justice -- The 14th Assembly of States Parties to the Rome Statute

In this episode of Tea with PILPG, PILPG’s team of experts discuss key debates arising at the International Criminal Court’s Assembly of States Parties and the proposal for an African court to prosecute atrocities.                                                                                                

How to Manage a Meeting

Many people spend hours in meetings every week, and knowing how to manage those interactions can set you apart as a dynamic young professional. In this podcast, President of PILPG, Paul Williams, provides tips on how to manage a meeting and make an impact, whether you are leading or listening. From the first step in meeting planning to where to sit at the table, follow these tips and start making an impression!

Adding Three to Five Years to Your Professional Presence - Part 2

In Part 2 of this Tea with PILPG mini-series, Paul Williams, PILPG’s Founder and President, concludes his discussion of tools and tips for developing a professional presence that is 3-5 years ahead of your peer group.

The Startup of You

In this episode of Tea with PILPG, President Paul Williams explains how thinking of yourself as a start up company can help you visualize your career path and make a plan for success.            


So You Want to be an International Criminal Lawyer?

PILPG co-founder and Managing Director Michael Scharf, interim Dean of Case Western Reserve University School of Law, has over a quarter century of experience in transitional justice and war crimes prosecution.  He helped write the Statute and Rules of the Yugoslavia Tribunal, trained the judges for the trial of Saddam Hussein, served as Special Assistant to the Prosecutor of the Cambodia Tribunal, and was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in the field.  He discusses successful strategies and pathways for launching a career in international criminal law in this episode of #TeawithPILPG.

Developing Your Personal Brand

What is a personal brand and why should you have one? Founder and President Paul Williams explains on this episode of Tea with PILPG over a cup of Earl Grey tea.

Starting Your Own NGO

Tea with PILPG is a new podcast where professional excellence and current affairs will be discussed over tea.  In this episode PILPG President Paul Williams tells the story of how PILPG began over Turkish tea.  We then discuss how to start your own NGO and find your entrepreneurial spirit.