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Dr. Williams co-founded the Public International Law & Policy Group, a nonprofit organization, in 1995 to provide free legal assistance to states and governments involved in peace negotiations, advise states on drafting post-conflict constitutions, and assist in prosecuting war criminals. In addition to a staff of full-time attorneys that implement PILPG’s programs, PILPG leverages volunteer assistance from international lawyers, diplomats, and foreign relations experts, as well as pro bono assistance from major international law firms. Annually, PILPG is able to provide over $20 million worth of pro bono international legal services. PILPG is based in Washington, D.C., with additional offices in New York and Amsterdam.  PILPG has also operated field offices in Georgia, Iraq, Kenya, Kosovo, Nepal, Somaliland, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Uganda, and maintains contacts in nearly two dozen key cities around the globe.

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The International Law Career Website

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As an expert in international law, Dr. Williams has extensive knowledge on starting a career in this field. As a professor at American University Washington College of Law, Dr. Williams receives many questions about how to pursue a career in international law. As way to easily and effectively help students, he and Dean Michael Scharf of Case Western Reserve University School of Law and fellow Co-Founder of PILPG, have created a new website for students interested in a career in international law.

The site aims to provide very practical guidance, to debunk myths about the field of international law, and to map the universe of international law and related jobs held by alumni.


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Tea with PILPG

As a social entrepreneur, Dr. Williams has created a professional development podcast series titled 'Tea with PILPG.'  In this series of podcasts, Dr. Paul Williams shares his wisdom with young professionals on entrepreneurial leadership, NGO management, networking, and more. With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Williams is a professional development expert. The Tea with PILPG podcasts were created as an easy way for young professionals to learn various skills they can use to increase their professionalism.

Check out episodes from the Podcast series below: