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Dr. Williams is a leading scholar on peace negotiations and post-conflict constitutions, and a highly sought-after international law and policy analyst, and has been featured on over 500 occasions by major media outlets. 

Dr. Paul R. Williams, PILPG - Saddam Hussein Trial

Dr. Paul R. Williams, PILPG, Iraq Constitution, 2005

Paul Williams on the Jim Lehrer News Hour with Margaret Warner, discussing the Iraq Constitution. August 16, 2005

Dr. Paul R. Williams, PILPG, on Washington Journal

Paul Williams discusses detainees in Guantanamo Bay

Dr. Paul R. Williams, PILPG, on Anderson Cooper 360

Dr. Paul R. Williams, PILPG, on the Big Story Primetime - Saddam Hussein Trial

Paul Williams on Fox News discussing the trial of Saddam Hussein. Jan. 29th, 2005

Michael Scharf, PILPG, on Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

Professor Michael Scharf discusses his Nobel Nomination on Channel 5 News - February, 2005

Dr. Paul Williams Conclusion - Kosovo HFAC Hearing

Dr. Paul R. Williams makes concluding remarks at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on securing accountability for victims of the Kosovo Conflict.


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